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Welcome to Newbery Park Primary School

The Staff and I are delighted that you have taken the opportunity to visit our website and we offer you and your family a very warm welcome to our school. I trust that the information you discover by navigating our website will provide you with an insight into Newbery Park Primary School. Our school context statement is a great place to start.

In the meantime I would like to provide you with an introduction to Newbery Park Primary School.

Newbery Park Primary School strives to be an educational hub of excellence, meeting 21st century educational standards at a local, state, national and international level. As a school we play, learn and work by the values of PRIDE, RESILIENCE AND INTEGRITY.

Students come from a wide variety of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The school provides a safe and organised learning environment where high expectations of staff, students and parents are shared. Our Staff team is passionate about education and they enjoy the work and learning space which Newbery Park Primary provides. As a collaborative team their work is supported by a focused and professional leadership team.

Our school offers the key learning subjects outlined in the Australian Curriculum Framework. However, what sets us apart from other schools in our Region and the Millicent Community is the ‘Specialist Programs’ which we offer. We are also a ‘Google School’. Every student from year 1 through to year 7 has their own chrome device which supports with the delivery of and the way in which your child engages with the Australian Curriculum, how they receive feedback about their learning and to develop their critical thinking skills.

The programs on offer at Newbery Park Primary include:

  • Our extensive and extremely valued ‘Music and Arts Programs’ which is supported by a well-resourced environment and houses our ‘Instrumental Music Program’ supporting students years 4-7 in learning to play wood, brass and string instruments. We offer a ‘Music and Arts Program’ where all students Reception through to year 7 also access one lesson of music and one lesson of the arts each week.
  • We offer a number of ‘Environmental programs’ and are the only Primary School in the Millicent Community to have partnered with Forestry SA to offer a specific ‘Forestry Program’. This program is a collaborative partnership where our students work alongside industry experts to re-habilitate bio-diversity corridors which are situated in between our regions pine plantations. The school also has an allocated area within the school which offers an ‘Eco Learning Program’, where fresh produce is grown and used within our science, health and physical education programs.
  • We recognize that for students to succeed within our community that a healthy body and mind prepares students to not only engage in their learning, but their community. We offer a specialist ‘Health and Physical Education Program’ engaging students not only in theory but ongoing practical physical activity.
  • We understand that from time to time students can sometimes fall behind, have difficulties with their learning or their progress has plateaued. Therefore, we offer a ‘Numeracy Support Program’ where these students engage in learning derived from the ‘Natural Maths’ research and philosophies to close the gaps in their learning. We also offer a similar program in ‘Literacy’ and use the ‘Multi-Lit’ Program to build student confidence and improve results in ‘English’.
  • Our school hosts the ‘Learning Together Program’. A birth to 4 years of age program, supporting families in the Millicent district to help build positive links between schools, support agencies and families. This program offers playgroups, cooking lessons, study groups and baby playgroups.


We are a progressive and innovative school and are always seeking feedback to make our school an even better school, so if you feel additional www links or school information would be useful please email the school and let us know your suggestions

I look forward to meeting with you and your child(ren).


Mission Statement

‘At Newbery Park Primary School our mission is to develop creative, confident students who can adapt and participate as globally aware citizens. We value and promote personal excellence along with a strong sense of integrity and resilience that help build quality relationships between students, staff, families and the wider community’


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